Sunday, May 11, 2014

Prelude to the Pacific

I'm a bit late in beginning this blog, but there are valid reasons for the delay.  Just 9 days ago, I moved into a new place, and I've been busy unpacking boxes, arranging furniture, and keeping my two grandboys, Skyler and Riley.  So, blogging has been a luxury I could not afford.  But with the adventure beginning in just two days, it's time for the first post.  So, here I go!

On Tuesday, May 13, Big Sis and I are going to RDU airport and riding in a big jet to Seattle.  Actually, there's one stop in-between, but our destination is Seattle.  This will be our second airplane ride together; our first plane ride was to Alaska 10 years ago.  That trip was the first trip we ever made as adults, and I wish I had known then about blogging so there would be a record of what we did and where we went.  Happily that trip was a huge success and surprise in that we discovered that we actually liked each other after all.

Since that trip to Alaska, we've been to New England, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the midwest and further west, and now the far western USA.  Each trip has been just plain wonderful, spending time with Bar and reliving our childhood and growing up in Salisbury.

The current adventure begins in Seattle and ends in San Diego.  The plan is to rent a car, do as much, and see as much as we can over a two-week period.  We have no specific itinerary (except for airplane travel), and only a few specific things that we will see.  Some of the highlights we want to see is Seattle itself, Mt Ranier, Mt St Helens, Hwy 101, Hwy 1, the redwoods, San Francisco, Yosemite,  Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge and, of course, see and get wet in the Pacific Ocean.

I've been through this general area a couple of times, over several trips, so I have a little idea of what is there.  But this trip will be a bit more leisurely than the others, and I hope to take more time to smell the roses along the way.

On the other hand, Big Sis has only been in the airport in San Francisco, on her way to Hawaii a number of years ago.  So, she's never experienced the many wonders of this part of the world.

We'll do our usual thing, eat as many meals as possible in mom and pop local eateries, stay in a combination of chain hotels and mom and pop hotels as well.  We have no reservations anywhere, but have found in our previous trips that finding lodging is not a real problem in areas where the tourists go.  So hopefully, there will be no problems this trip either.

I'll take pics with the IPad mini so I can post them easily along the way.  I bought a device to use to download pics from the camera's memory chip, but alas, it did not work with my IPad.  So, I'll take pics with it, and there should be no problem posting them.  The quality will not be as good as with my real camera, but I don't know how to transfer them otherwise.  Seems like posting pictures in my blogs is always a challenge.

My posts will be shorter than in my previous blogs.  Even though the IPad mini has a keyboard, it is so much smaller that typing is a bit of a pain.  So there will be less text than usual.  And, most likely there will be some days that do not get a post; I'll be tired or fussy, or there might not be an Internet connection.  But, I'll do the best I can.

And, finally, as always, I welcome your comments.  Hearing from "home" is always good and reinforces that someone is actually reading my posts!  Enjoy the ride; we will! :-)


At May 13, 2014 at 8:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a great trip! I'm planning a trip to northern California later this summer. Might pick up some ideas from your trip.

You and Barb have fun and enjoy some sibling sharing.


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