Saturday, May 17, 2014

Oregon Coastline

May 17, 2014.  Today was basically a day of riding to get from where we were to Crescent City, CA.  Oh, and to stop in a Goodwill or other thrift shop so I could find a pair of pants to replace the ones with the broken zipper.  

We got up, ate some bread pudding, drank some coffee, and hit the roas still south on US 101.  Our stay at Yachats was good.  Our room was very large, our dinner was very good, and it was very reasonable.

Continuing south, we rode through small towns and villages, in search of a Goodwill or thrift store.  On virtually every day prior to today, each community had one type of thrift shop or another, but alas--today they just were not there. It was weird that we could not find one all morning.

Finally, after lunch I spotted one.  We went in and, after some looking, found some shorts and a nice knit shirt I liked.  After giving the clerk $8, it was mine.  Big Sis couldn't find anything she liked..

Along the way, we pulled off Hwy 101 to stop at a state park, just to see what we could see.  Thus park included a lighthouse, so we walked out onto the beach to a spot where we could get a clear view of the lighthouse.  

We also talked to an old man who was clamming with his grandson.  While we were watching, he caught two razor clams!  That was pretty neat.  

After that, we mostly drove down the coast towards California.  

Mid-afternoon, we left Oregon and entered California.  Soon, we came to Crescent City, where I planned to stop for the day.  We found a hotel, checked in, and rested a bit.  

After a short while, we got directions to the Jedediah Smith State Park and a dirt road that meandered through a number of giant redwood trees.  Gary and I rode the road on our earlier trip, and I wanted Bar to see them.  She was dumbfounded by their majesty.  I was too!  Words and pictures do not do justice to these magnificent trees.  Awesome.  

Then, we came back to the hotel, had dinner, and crashed for the night.  Another great day..

Tomorrow, more big trees.


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